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Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

By Lewis Fackrell of Lewis Fackrell Photography.

Everyone wants incredible moments captured at their wedding and so calling upon a professional wedding photographer is the first thing to do. However many brides-to-be have the same question on their mind – “Why is wedding photography so expensive?”

Wedding Photography So Expensive

Let’s get straight to it, your venue, dress, rings and honeymoon are the first things you look for and are by far the most expensive items, as you work down your list you suddenly see ‘book the photographer’, by then most of your wedding budget has been spent.

The cost of wedding photography can vary between a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds. Often or not, the thought can leave you feeling a little confused and frustrated. By breaking it all down this should give you a much clearer idea about wedding photography and the costs involved.

What costs so much?

The difference between a professional photographer and friend of the family is often the equipment they use, it can cost anything between £1,000 and £20,000; hard to believe but this equipment isn’t cheap. Items that are needed include: – A powerful computer to handle the editing software and the editing of the images, hard drives to back up the images after the wedding, a small selection of lenses and, of course, the camera and then also a backup camera in case things go wrong. These are only just a few of the costs that a photographer will have to face.

Wedding Photography So Expensive

The price of the wedding package can also vary due to the experience of the photographer, the more experience a photographer has, the higher cost of the service. By paying more you guarantee much better quality images from the photographer, you buy the trust and peace of mind and their knowledge of the equipment and experience with understanding and preempting unexpected situations and moves made by the couple.

The photographers day isn’t over just because the wedding is, they then have to choose between the best of the images, deleting the blurred and not so good images, following that the images are then needed to be edited and presented in a wedding album so that it tells the story of your day; this will often take a few days work, which of course costs money, the photographer also has to pay themselves too.

Wedding Photography So Expensive

A vast part of it is also down to what is included in the package. Some photographers will run a £300 package but you don’t receive one image, instead, you would need to buy each image on an individual basis. Other photographers choose the option of a package costing £1000 and you get all of your images yet no album and then the average cost for full day coverage including a beautiful album that includes all of your images for £1600. Although their price may appear as very good quality, there are pros and cons to each photographer and their business models. To compare photographers equally you should compare what is on offer, their experience and equipment used to truly get a fair comparison.

The questions you should ask your wedding photographer. 

There are many more options to consider, but these are the main questions to ask the photographers to make sure you find the most suitable and professional photographer available.

Wedding Photography So Expensive

1 – Do they have a good reputation and excellent reviews?

2 – Do you like their images and photography style?

3 – Does your budget fit with the wedding photography package they are offering?

4 – How many weddings have they photographed?

5 – How many images will you receive?

Wedding Photography So Expensive

6 – Do they have insurance and contingency plans if anything went wrong?

7 – What camera equipment do they have?

8 – Do you get the images included in the price or are they an additional cost?

9 – In what format will you receive your images (online cloud, USB, CD, Album etc)?

10 – Do you like the photographer and their personality?

Wedding Photography So Expensive

Wedding photography is an investment, your images will last as long as you and your vows will, don’t compromise on your photos, like most things, you do get what you pay for, you should spend between 10-20% of your budget on your photographer.

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