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August 27, 2016

Wedding Hair: The Long and Short of It

By Natalie Willingham – Bridal Makeup & Hair Specialist

Short hair doesn’t need to be boring on your wedding day. In the last year I’ve styled a number of gorgeous ladies who have all had short hair (above the shoulders). So to give you a little bit of inspiration here are a few tips to take your wedding hair from now to wow!

Pixie cutWedding Hair pixie

If you have a really short pixie cut style then texture can be your friend. Using straighteners or wands you can create texture to provide lift and shape to your cut. Having short hair also means that non traditional headpieces can look stunning. I have had brides with percher style hats with personal features such as a treble clef, feathers, all sorts. A shorter style means you can showcase your individuality and confidence. Bird cage veils work best with this wedding hair style. 

Chin length Blunt BobWedding Hair chin bob

This style can be worn several ways. Sleek and sharp a la Anna Wintour, or wavy and a bit messy. If you choose the latter, you can still wear hair decorations. Alice bands, side combs and clips work well with this style. You can even create a short version of the traditional half up half down style. Flirty finger tip veils or bird cage veils work well with a bob.

Shoulder length Layered BobWedding Hair long bob

This style offers a bit more versatility. A layered bob can be curled and styled into a soft, loose slightly lifted up do. You can add in extensions to give greater volume or length when wearing it down or to create a more structured up do. Vintage wedding hair styles can also work well on this length of hair. Again, if you have sufficient volume you can create a half up style. As above finger tip veils and bird cages are your friends.

If you have long hair that is past your shoulders then you have a lot of choice available to you. Pinterest offers a huge amount of inspiration but you also need to listen to the advice of your stylist to ensure that your hair can be styled as you wish.

Big, bouncy and downWedding Hair big bouncy

You no longer need a head of hair to rival JLo’s or Beyonces to achieve this look thanks to extensions. Extra hair pieces can be clipped or added into your own hair to provide extra length and volume. Extensions are set and curled in the same way as your natural hair to create big bouncy curls. This look often doesn’t need any accessories but combs and tiaras aways look great. Cathedral length (the really long one) veils look stunning with big bouncy curls.

Plaits and twistsWedding Hair braids

Texture can be created in a number of different ways however, plaits and twists remain a firm favourite with brides and bridesmaids alike. For me plaits and twists have their place and careful consideration needs to be given to the style of your dress and theme of your wedding to ensure it fits. Finding a suitable hair accessory can be slightly more difficult if you already have texture from the plaits. I would recommend looking at combs for the rear of the head, fresh flowers, jewelled bobby pins and hair vines. Finger tip or cathedral length veils work well with this wedding hair style.

Sleek up dosWedding Hai sleek updo

These styles can often be very tight and precise. Ballerina style buns worn high on the top of your head with texture created by looping the length of your hair over the bun are a firm favourite. Depending on the type of up do selected veils can be worn under the bun.

Relaxed up dosWedding Hair messy updo

Messy buns or chignons, fake bobs, loose romantic curls that are slightly casual are extremely popular right now as they create a look that appears to be effortless. They also work well if a few tendrils escape due to a windy day or excess partying. This type of style are my favourite to create and can be very flattering. Any type of veil or accessory works with this wedding hair style.

Half up half downWedding Hair half up

Again another classic style which provides the best of both worlds. Hair away from your face, but hair covering your shoulders to provide a level of comfort if you aren’t so confident wearing a strapless dress. Texture can be added with curls, plaits and twists. Sleek or messy the choice is yours. Such a flattering look and any type of veil works with this hair style.

Hopefully, I’ve given those of you with short hair the confidence to stay short, some ideas for those ladies with hair lengths in between and inspiration for those with longer locks.

Until next time x

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