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Ways to Handle Children at a Wedding

It is always a hot debate when you talk about children at a wedding. Should you invite them? Will you offend people if you don’t? So should you have a child-free zone?  There are lots of reasons you should and shouldn’t have kids at your big day, but it’s really down to you and how you want your big day to be. Here are the pros and cons of having children at a wedding…..

Children at a Wedding

Pros – They’ll look seriously cute in their little outfits and can always be relied upon to be first on the dance floor making it less embarrassing for other guests to get up for a little boogie. They are also a great conversation starter among guests who don’t know one another as they will always be doing something mad or cute that you can talk about. Plus, you may feel like your wedding day wouldn’t be as special without a certain little cherub being part of the day.Continue reading

The Importance of Keeping Your Wedding Appointments

I’ve been speaking to a few of my wedding industry friends and it amazes me how many of them have so much of their time wasted by couples not turning up for wedding appointments for lots of different reasons. For all wedding companies, and especially smaller suppliers, time is money. Missed appointments, turning up late and over running appointments can have a huge knock on effect to the suppliers and their other customers. I know that everyone has busy lives these days, but showing people some common courtesy doesn’t cost anything. And I’m sure if the shoe was on the other foot, you would get frustrated by people treating you in this way.

Wedding Appointments

When you have wedding appointments booked, please follow these simple guidelines and support your wedding industry suppliers.Continue reading

Planning Your Perfect Wedding

So you have a date in mind for your wedding and you’ve already ruled out the family dog acting as a ring-bearer — fantastic! Planning your perfect wedding can be a very daunting task though, particularly if it is an event you have dreamed about your entire life. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or you’re bereft of ideas, following these key wedding planning tips will make your life considerably more enjoyable when feeling the pressures of organising your perfect day.

Perfect Wedding

Make your guests comfortable
A huge quandary when planning your wedding is how to keep the numbers down while still inviting everyone who really should be there. While the temptation is to try and cram as many people into your reception hall as possible, you must consider that your guests have to sit in the room for a number of hours, and that nobody will have a good time if they keep clashing chairs or bumping into waiting staff. Allow around 30 square feet per guest at your reception venue, as with the space already taken up by tables, decorations, and the dancefloor, this should be just enough for a successful wedding without any claustrophobia. This should give you a rough guide of how many guests you can afford to have at any given venue.Continue reading

How to Accommodate Wedding Guests Special Dietary Requirements

Couples can find it quite stressful to accommodate wedding guests special dietary requirements. There are more and more people with allergies, food intolerances and digestive problems. As someone with all of these problems, I know how hard it can be when you are invited to a catered event and I hate having to fill in the list of my special dietary requirements….I always feel like I’m putting the organiser out. So it’s not only the people doing the inviting that feel uncomfortable when discussing these things!

Accommodate Wedding Guests Special Dietary Requirements

The good news is that chefs are used to dealing with these requests and they can make sure that everyone is catered for without any stress. I’m getting much more confident when eating out and now ask what certain dishes contain; it is amazing how helpful waiting staff and chefs are. It’s much better than the time I went to an awards ceremony a few years ago and was too embarrassed to tell them of my allergies, I only ate one bread bun all evening because I couldn’t eat any of the 3 course meal that I had paid a small fortune for!Continue reading

October 28, 2015

5 Things to do Before Looking for Your Wedding Venue

As soon as you get engaged you tend to want to go wedding dress shopping or start looking for a wedding venue, or at least they were the first two things I couldn’t wait to get started on. I always say to find your wedding venue before you look for your dress as it can have a huge affect on what you choose; if you have a large, grand venue you’ll be more likely to get a dress with a grand impact. But before you start looking for a wedding venue, there are a few things you need to have decided on.

  1. Budget. You need to know how much you can afford to spend. There are huge variances in costs between venues; some will offer a price per person for the reception which includes room hire, food, drinks, decor and sometimes stationery while other venues will cost everything separately. You need to know how much your maximum overall budget is for your wedding venue and only look at places that fall within the budget.Wedding Venue
  2. Number of guests. Write out your guest list for day and evening, you need to know these numbers so you can make sure the venues you look at can accommodate these numbers. Some venues have a minimum number of day and evening guests they will take for a weekend wedding or if you have a large number of guests you need to make sure the venue has the capacity to cater for them all.Wedding Venue
  3. Location. Work out where you would like to hold your wedding. Take into consideration travel and accommodation. If you have a lot of guests just attending the evening reception, where are the majority traveling from? Asking them to travel over an hour home at 1am could be a little too much.Wedding Venue
  4. Style of venue. Do you like castles or country houses? Modern or historical? City centre or rolling countryside? You need to know what you like and don’t like and what style you want your wedding to have. Castles and country houses have a lot of period features and can give you an elegant wedding, but if you prefer a modern look you might prefer a chic city centre hotel.Wedding Venue
  5. Questions. Before you go to look around any venues, write down some questions that you need to have answers to. For example, how many weddings take place at the venue per day? What time will the evening reception end? How many bedrooms do you have for guests? Do you offer deals for midweek weddings? What is the deposit and cancellation policy? When are payments due?Wedding Venue

Continue reading