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Jobs for the Boys

Do you need some help planning the wedding? Do you want to keep the groom occupied? Do you want to get the groom involved? Or are you the groom and want an idea of what to plan and how to help? Here are some ideas of ‘Jobs for the Boys’ to keep you going.

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Eek We’ve Just Got Engaged!

By Lucy Wright Events, Wedding Planning & Design

Congratulations on your engagement….Now where do you start! Firstly enjoy the moment, tell everyone and if you have your ring show it off, relish the attention. Once you have lowered yourself off cloud nine, write down your visions for your wedding BUT write them separately without looking and then swap over…this way you will understand what each other want from the day. Ask yourself not only what type of venue do you want, what your budget is, what style of wedding but also who do you want there, what is the most important part of the day for you and how you can portray both your personalities into the day!

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Did You Get Engaged Over Christmas?

Congratulations if you are newly engaged! Was it a surprise? How did he/she propose? I would love to hear all your stories as well as see those lovely new sparkly rings!

Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is a very special and exciting time, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. What do you do first? Where do you start with wedding planning? Who do I ask for help?

Here are a few of my blog posts which I think will help the most when you’ve just got engaged and are starting out on your wedding planning journey.

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The Difference Between Wedding Planners and Venue Co-Ordinators

5 Things to do Before Looking for Your Wedding Venue


If you have an questions about planning your wedding, need help, advice or just someone to listen, you can email me, message me on Facebook, Tweet me @bewilderedbrid3 or leave a comment below. I’m always available to give as much help and advice to couples planning a wedding as I can.


9 Wedding Details You Might Have Forgotten

There are so many elements that go into making a beautiful wedding that it can be hard to remember some of the smaller details. But there are some things that stand out from the crowd and can make your wedding more fun and memorable. Here are a few of my favourite wedding details you might have forgotten.

  1. Hankies – There might be quite a few sniffles as you say your vows, so having a few hankies around the place for your grandma, bridesmaids and parents could be a good idea!Wedding Details You Might Have Forgotten
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15 Dos and Don’ts for the Night Before the Wedding

Don’t attempt any radical new beauty treatments. This is not the time to try something new……if you have a reaction to it you’re going to freak out.

Don’t squeeze that spot! I know you want rid of it for your big day, but squeezing it is just going to make it more red and swollen. Make sure you have some overnight spot cream with you to use if you do end up with mount Vesuvius on your face the day before.

Night Before the WeddingDon’t hit the alcohol too hard. You’ll not get the best of sleep if you have too much to drink and it will do nothing for your skin. All those facials will be for nothing. Instead have a couple of drinks then switch to water to make sure it’s flushed out your system.Continue reading