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July 5, 2017

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Oh my gosh……Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and YES!!! No matter who you are, where you’re getting married or what your budget is; you should take out wedding insurance as soon as you book your venue.
Wedding Car Breakdown, why you need wedding insurance

Wedding insurance isn’t just for the expensive big white wedding.

There are many different levels of wedding insurance that cover different budgets; insurance starts from only £20. Wedding insurance also covers destination weddings and civil partnerships. Please check with individual suppliers for their terms and conditions.

There are approximately 250,000 weddings taking place every year in the UK. The average cost of a wedding is over £18,000, so couples could potentially lose a lot of money due to unforeseen circumstances.

Red Wine on Wedding Dress, why you need wedding insurance

Why you need wedding insurance.

Many weddings will have a problem resulting in a small insurance claim; for instance damage to a hire suit, or red wine spilled down the brides dress. These types of mishaps can be sorted out easily. But there are also much larger problems that can happen. Your wedding venue or a supplier could go into liquidation or your wedding car could break down on the way to the church. I’m not saying these things to scare you, but these are some reasons why you need wedding insurance. Could you afford to pay for another cake if your cake maker went bust? Or a second reception venue if yours cancelled at the last minute?

Liquidation, why you need wedding insurance

I hear a lot of brides say ‘it won’t happen to me’ but unfortunately, it does happen and it’s best to be prepared. Long established wedding venues have closed down with weddings booked in for the coming weekend. It’s unlikely that couples without wedding insurance would get any of their money back from these venues. And, if they wanted the wedding to go ahead as planned, they would have to pay for a second venue out of their own pockets at the last minute. They could have saved themselves thousands of pounds by taking out wedding insurance for less than £20. I’m sure these couples would now recommend getting wedding insurance to others. I’m not saying this is common place, but it does happen.
There are a few sites which offer wedding insurance comparisons. Have a look at and Make sure you take out a policy which gives cancellation cover to the full value of your wedding. Carefully read all the terms and conditions to make sure you know what you are covered for, as this varies between suppliers.
It still amazes me how many people don’t take out wedding insurance. After all, what is £20 in a £15,000 budget? You can insure your wedding against all these things and have peace of mind that you’re covered. No matter what……well….except if you change your mind!

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