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Wedding Favours are a Waste of Money

I have to say that I think wedding favours are a waste of money. You’ve invited friends and family to attend your wedding; this costs an average of £150 per couple by the time you’ve fed and watered them. Then you’re going to give them a present for coming? Because that’s what a favour is, a present for them coming to your wedding and consuming the food and drink you’ve provided. I know that it costs money for your wedding guests to attend your wedding, new outfits, a present, drinks, accommodation but surely you don’t need to buy them a present if you’re providing them with two meals and some drinks!

Wedding Favours

Can you remember what wedding favours you’ve recieved? I asked my mam what favour she had at a wedding she had attended 3 days earlier and she didn’t have a clue what it was. She had to check in her bag to see what it was and she admitted that she wouldn’t use what she had been given.

Traditionally people have confectionery like sugared almonds and chocolates others have lottery tickets. I know that miniature shorts bottles and personalised chocolate bars have also become very popular. But when couples spend an average of £300 on wedding favours, why would you not scrap these and spend that money on something that will make more of an impact? You could put it towards a photo booth for the evening reception and all your guests could go home with photo’s to remember the day by. Or you could use it towards hiring a videographer for the ceremony so you have your vows captured on DVD to show your kids. Why not spend extra on your wedding rings, something you will wear for the rest of your lives. Just spend that money on anything other than these little presents that are forgotten about in seconds and half the time are left untouched on the table after the wedding breakfast!

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If you do want favours and think that it is a tradition you would like to continue, why don’t you consider supporting charity close to your hearts. I know that Cancer Research UK have some amazing, fun pin badges, Macmillan have flower seed favours attached to place cards, Mind offer mini candles and Dogs Trust have lovely cards explaining that you have donated to charity in lieu of favours.

Wedding Favours - Cancer UK Pin Badge Wedding Favours - Dogs trust

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Ashleigh - October 23, 2015 Reply

I completely agree on favors. For my wedding, our “favors” were the decor and centerpieces… all vintage tea cups and tea pots. We weren’t going to use them all again so we let people take them home!

If we had the extra money, I would have loved to do charity donations!

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