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Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

By Rosanna Whitton of Flautino

So you’re getting married? Congratulations! I bet you’ve already been dreaming about your dress and maybe the venue and who you’ll ask to be bridesmaids. But what about the feel of the wedding?

Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

This is a little more ambiguous but equally important, for you and your guests. The atmosphere of the wedding will be created by lots of things: the people who are there, the décor, the style and the music. It might help to do yourself a mood board with clippings from magazines to inspire you and narrow down the style you’re after. Think about things like the lighting, maybe creating scents with flowers and candles and little random things like a treasure hunt for after your wedding breakfast or a few outdoor games.Continue reading

Top 5 Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Stationery

Today I would love to introduce you to Sarah of Coochicoo Cards who has written her top 5 tips on choosing your wedding stationery. Sarah specialises in making wedding and event stationery that is tailored to the couples requirements. All of her designs can be made to match a specific colour scheme and she also offers a bespoke service for couples who want something totally unique. Coochicoo Cards pride themselves on their excellent reputation for customer service and handcraft every piece of stationery.

Here are Sarah’s top tips along with examples of her amazing creations.

1) Theme & Style

First impressions count; your invitations and save the dates give your guests a hint of the style and theme of your special day as well as details of your wedding. So choose a design that fits your theme and colour scheme. For example, do you want a Vintage inspired design or a Modern design? What colours would you like incorporated?

Choosing Your Wedding Stationery - Vintage Luggage TagContinue reading

How to Accommodate Wedding Guests Special Dietary Requirements

Couples can find it quite stressful to accommodate wedding guests special dietary requirements. There are more and more people with allergies, food intolerances and digestive problems. As someone with all of these problems, I know how hard it can be when you are invited to a catered event and I hate having to fill in the list of my special dietary requirements….I always feel like I’m putting the organiser out. So it’s not only the people doing the inviting that feel uncomfortable when discussing these things!

Accommodate Wedding Guests Special Dietary Requirements

The good news is that chefs are used to dealing with these requests and they can make sure that everyone is catered for without any stress. I’m getting much more confident when eating out and now ask what certain dishes contain; it is amazing how helpful waiting staff and chefs are. It’s much better than the time I went to an awards ceremony a few years ago and was too embarrassed to tell them of my allergies, I only ate one bread bun all evening because I couldn’t eat any of the 3 course meal that I had paid a small fortune for!Continue reading

November 11, 2015

4 Things to Avoid When Buying Your Wedding Rings

Traditionally, wedding rings are made of gold or another precious metal shaped into a band which symbolizes the never-ending commitment you make to your new husband or wife when you say your vows. These days there are lots of metals to choose from, including platinum, gold, titanium, rhodium and you can have diamonds, other gem stones or even engravings added to them. A lot of women now opt for an eternity style ring rather than a plain wedding band.

Wedding Rings

Choosing your wedding rings can be a large and very important decision, after all you have to wear them for the next 40+ years! Here are some things to avoid when buying your wedding rings.

Leave plenty of time – Don’t leave choosing your rings to the last moment. I know that your rings are one of the last things you need to get and that you will be paying for lots of other things upfront, but you need to leave enough time to find the perfect ring. If you buy from a jewellers they may not have your size in stock so would have to order it, or if you want something truly unique you may want to have something made which can be a lengthy process. If you don’t leave enough time, both of these may not be an option for you and you will be left to choose from a smaller selection.Continue reading

Wedding Favours are a Waste of Money

I have to say that I think wedding favours are a waste of money. You’ve invited friends and family to attend your wedding; this costs an average of £150 per couple by the time you’ve fed and watered them. Then you’re going to give them a present for coming? Because that’s what a favour is, a present for them coming to your wedding and consuming the food and drink you’ve provided. I know that it costs money for your wedding guests to attend your wedding, new outfits, a present, drinks, accommodation but surely you don’t need to buy them a present if you’re providing them with two meals and some drinks!

Wedding Favours

Can you remember what wedding favours you’ve recieved? I asked my mam what favour she had at a wedding she had attended 3 days earlier and she didn’t have a clue what it was. She had to check in her bag to see what it was and she admitted that she wouldn’t use what she had been given.

Traditionally people have confectionery like sugared almonds and chocolates others have lottery tickets. I know that miniature shorts bottles and personalised chocolate bars have also become very popular. But when couples spend an average of £300 on wedding favours, why would you not scrap these and spend that money on something that will make more of an impact? You could put it towards a photo booth for the evening reception and all your guests could go home with photo’s to remember the day by. Or you could use it towards hiring a videographer for the ceremony so you have your vows captured on DVD to show your kids. Why not spend extra on your wedding rings, something you will wear for the rest of your lives. Just spend that money on anything other than these little presents that are forgotten about in seconds and half the time are left untouched on the table after the wedding breakfast!

Wedding Favours - Euro Millions

If you do want favours and think that it is a tradition you would like to continue, why don’t you consider supporting charity close to your hearts. I know that Cancer Research UK have some amazing, fun pin badges, Macmillan have flower seed favours attached to place cards, Mind offer mini candles and Dogs Trust have lovely cards explaining that you have donated to charity in lieu of favours.

Wedding Favours - Cancer UK Pin Badge Wedding Favours - Dogs trust