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Want to Star in Your Own Wedding Magazine?

Have you ever dreamed about your photo being printed on the glossy pages of a magazine? Well now you have the chance to star in your very own luxurious, glossy wedding magazine. Capture your Big Day to sheer perfection with something refreshingly new and wonderfully luxurious. Instead of done-to-death traditional wedding albums,  LifetimesMAG.com will immortalise your most touching wedding moments and sentiments in a gloriously glossy magazine to suit your individual style preferences. The new LifetimesMAG.com website has just been unveiled for couples who would like to record the memories of their wedding day in the pages of a luxurious, personalised magazine.


LifetimesMAGs are available in 10 different styles including Art Deco, Elegant, Gazette, Glossy and Rustic. They combine words and images from your big day into a keepsake to treasure forever and share with family and friends. Each unique LifetimesMAG is expertly crafted by professional writers and designers who give a well thought out and professional vibe to each magazine.  Each magazine produced would not look out of place on any of the wedding sections in your local shop’s shelves.  They are set out to tell the whole story about your special day in a way that will give a unique and  lasting memory for you and your family.


The magazines come in 8, 12 or 16 page designs. If you want something a bit different, they also offer a bespoke option meaning you can design a unique magazine that fits your requirements. In addition to your order you will also receive a FREE online flipbook that you can share with friends and family online and via social media.

The magazine will feature about 20 pictures in an 8-page magazine, 30 in a 12-page magazine and 40 in a 16-page magazine. The magazine cover is printed on quality 350gsm silk paper and the inner pages on 250gsm silk paper which are then saddle-stitched with two staples. The paper is of a sturdy, quality and smooth feel, but not too hard or thick that the pages are difficult to turn. The ‘Gazette’ style of LifetimesMAG, is printed on 100gsm paper, which is more suitable for a newspaper.


Owner  and experienced media and publishing professional Rory Squires said “Each LifetimesMAG provides a truly unique account of your special day, with the words to describe the occasion in meticulous detail weaved into a stunning design that provides a perfect template for your pictures.” “Above all, your LifetimesMAG will capture the emotions, feelings and subtleties of the day, allowing you to put into print and relive memories and moments that are otherwise likely to fade over time.”

The articles are based on the words of those involved in the wedding, with the bride and groom and up to eight other people selected by the couple answering tailored questions via a secure Client Area on LifetimesMAG.com or through telephone interviews. Once the pictures for the magazine are emailed over by the customer, expert designers then get to work on producing a stunning 8, 12 or 16-page chronicle of the special day.


Once all the information and photographs have been received it only takes 10 working days to receive an online version of your magazine and 20 working days to receive your printed version.

With prices starting from just £199, LifetimesMAG.com also caters for other major life events such as anniversaries, hen and stag celebrations. If you decide after your order that you require additional copies of your magazine LifetimesMag.com keep print-ready copies of your LifetimesMAG on file for at least one year, enabling you to order those additional copies. So for example, you could order 20 copies only of your LifetimesMAG, and then two years later you could order 20 more copies. Be aware that the price of printing the magazines may increase over time. At the moment the prices are fixed until at least December 31, 2015, where the price of printing 20 extra copies is £90 and the price of printing 40 extra copies is £120.



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