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My Search for the Perfect Wedding Photographer

I’ve always loved looking at wedding photos. I love the expressions and joy that are captured by the amazingly talented wedding photographers I follow on social media. When we got engaged I knew I had to book the perfect wedding photographer. Your wedding photo’s are one of the few things that last a lifetime and I don’t just want nice photos, I want spectacular ones!

Perfect Wedding Photographer - Phil Smith Photography

I first met Phil Smith of Phil Smith Photography at a wedding fayre that we were both exhibiting at; it was rather quiet and we got chatting. Phil is such a personable bloke that we hit it off right away, the fact that his photos blew me away was just a bonus. A few years later, when I opened my wedding gallery I invited Phil to exhibit there as he was one of the wedding photographers that I admired most and I knew others would love his work. Not only does Phil have an amazing eye for breathtaking images, but he is a really nice guy that makes it a pleasure to work with him.Continue reading

Do You Want to Lose Weight for Your Wedding or Do You Just Think You Should?

It’s been a while since I wrote about my own personal wedding planning, so I thought I would give you a bit of an update and also open a can of worms about wanting to lose weight for your wedding! Now we have the venue and registrar booked, my attention has turned to wedding dresses.

Do You Want to Lose Weight for Your Wedding or Do You Just Think You Should?

I’ve always dreamed of getting married and can remember drawing pictures of brides in gorgeous big meringue wedding dresses as a child. But now it’s time to actually try some beautiful dresses on I’m split; 50% excited and 50% terrified because I don’t look like any of those models or the drawing I used to do as a child!  I’m 5’5″ and in the ‘overweight’ category when you look on those nasty weight by height charts. I’ve been unhappy with my weight for a long time, almost 10 years, but I’ve not done enough about it. I lost a stone last year when I was a bridesmaid for my friend but then I piled it back on plus more after I had an operation and used it as an excuse to comfort eat. I’m now 3 stone heavier than 10 years ago when I hit perfect weight after shedding a couple of stone back then too! So you can see I’ve battled with my weight for a long time, the fact is I just love food. Chinese, pizza, chocolate, bourbon biscuits….the list goes on!Continue reading

A Wedding Blogger’s Search for the Perfect Wedding Venue

Still a bit giddy from all the excitement, we sat down to write out our guest list and put together a budget…….these are the first things I advise people to do when they start to plan their wedding so I had to follow my own advice! Now that was done it was time to start looking for our perfect wedding venue. Because I’ve worked in the wedding industry for such a long time, I know 90% of venues in the area….the only ones I don’t know are newly opened or have just undergone refurbishment, so I told Graham to have a look through all the venues in the area who hold a licence for civil ceremonies. A church ceremony wasn’t even discussed…..the church where I grew up isn’t exactly a ‘pretty church’ and it’s miles away from anywhere!

Graham made a shortlist of venues in the area that he liked the look of, I vetoed a couple and added a few of my own that I thought were worth taking a look at……this left us with a shortlist of 12!!!! Even before Graham popped the question I knew where I would like us to get married, and luckily this venue was part of Graham’s original list without any interference from me!

Doxford Barn

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This Wedding Blogger is Getting Married!

As you know, I’ve just had a lovely 2 week break away in the sun which was amazing and exactly what I needed. My boyfriend of 4 years decided to make the holiday even more special and proposed to me on our first night. We went for a walk in the Old Town in Benidorm and walked onto the Balcón del Mediterráneo, if you’ve not been there it is a beautiful old square on the top of a cliff that overlooks the Mediterranean. At sunset he totally shocked me and got down on one knee…..he even had the ring with him (which, unbeknownst to me, had been in the hand luggage I had wheeled around both airports!!!).  I was more than a little shocked even though I have been mentioning getting married for some time and, of course, said yes.

Balcon del mediterraneo Benidorm Balcon del Meditteraneo Benidorm







So, we are now back in the UK with fading tans but the excitement of wedding planning has begun. I’m now having to practice what I preach and not become a bridezilla.

We started by sitting down and writing our guest list so we have an idea of numbers for venues. It is amazing how many people you know when it comes to writing your guest list so we decided to just write them all down and then have a bit of a cull at the end. We don’t want a big daytime wedding, so have decided to only invite family and close friends which means a massive evening reception. It also means we are going to upset some family members, but we know that this is our day and we are going to have what we want and not give in to family pressure. We’ve also decided to have a civil ceremony; neither of us are particularly religious and my home church is miles away from where I live now meaning a lot of travel for guests.

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