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February 29, 2016

Six Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiant

by Daniela VillaRamos of Once Upon A Vow

Most couples have a trillion and one questions for the venue, the caterer, the photographer, but when it comes to booking the wedding officiant, most couples ask next to nothing. Don’t be that couple. Make sure to ask your wedding officiant these six questions to see if they’re a perfect match for you and your wedding ceremony vision.

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1. What’s your favorite part of every wedding ceremony?
Get personal with your wedding officiant and find out what lights them up. Is it the look on the face of your other half as you walk down the aisle, the heartwarming “I Do’s”, or the cheers of your friends and family as you two exchange your first married kiss? Knowing which part(s) of the wedding ceremony is their fave gives you an idea of how your wedding officiant thinks, feels, and will personalize your ceremony.

2. How will you make our ceremony special?
No two couples are alike and neither should any two wedding ceremonies. You want your ceremony to feel like YOU, right? If you want it to feel incredibly special then make sure to ask your wedding officiant how they plan on personalizing your ceremony. Is it through the introduction, the readings, the vows, or somehow weaved throughout? It’s important to find out whether your wedding officiant personalise their own ceremonial templates or if they write ceremonies for each couple.

3. When do you suggest we sign our marriage license?
The right wedding officiant will ask you all sorts of questions to determine when would be the best time to sign your marriage license. Whether you prefer to sign before or after your ceremony or based on your wedding day schedule. They may even want to coordinate with your wedding planner or photographer to make sure your schedule runs smoothly. But if they don’t ask, make sure you do.

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4. Do you have any vendor suggestions?
Like all wedding businesses, wedding officiants have a network of professionals they like to work with. They may have contacts with venues, photographers, planners, and a whole list of wedding vendors that they know and trust. If you’re missing an important piece of your wedding day puzzle, then definitely ask your officiant.

5. Why did you become a wedding officiant?
You learn a lot when you ask to find out more about someone’s stories. You discover passions and the lovely layers that makes choosing your wedding officiant easy and fun. You want to have a connection with all of your wedding vendors, but most importantly with the person that’s going to pronounce you married.

6. When will you arrive to the venue on our wedding day?
Lots of weddings start later than anticipated, but you never want that to be because your wedding officiant is running behind schedule. Most officiants will make sure to let you know they arrive an hour or so earlier for sound check, if there’s a microphone involved, or to coordinate with your event planner on ceremonial details. Some will simply do so for your peace of mind, thank goodness!

Asking these six questions will help you figure out if your wedding officiant is the right fit for you and will have you looking forward to the big day.

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