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Should I Hire a Videographer? A Guide to Wedding Videography

In my opinion a professional wedding video is one of the most important parts of a wedding along with a professional photographer and quality wedding rings. These are the things that last a lifetime and can never be replaced.

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Videography will capture your vows, the speeches and your first dance….things that can’t been captured by photography alone and never be recreated. In years to come you can watch it and be taken back to the day; you can also share it with your children and grandchildren. Your wedding day goes by so fast that you will miss so many things, watching your wedding video will fill in all the blanks.

I have never heard a bride or groom say that they wished they hadn’t booked a videographer, but I have heard far too many who have regretted not booking one.

There are 2 main styles of videography; cinematic and documentary. Cinematic is put together like a movie and has a narrative. It is put to music and is normally quite short. Documentary films are longer and tend to tell the story of the day with a fly-on-the-wall feel. More people are opting for the Cinematic film at the moment. The perfect wedding video should last about 15-25 minutes but you can ask for an edited and a full length disc.

Your wedding DVD can include the elements that you want. Some couples opt for just the ceremony and reception while others like to have the preparation and first dance included. You can also opt to have messages from guests recorded. Most videographers will be at your wedding for around 12 hours to capture your whole day.

If you’re getting married in a church you’ll need the permission of the minister officiating the service. Different minsters allow different things and there may be an extra fee for recording your wedding ceremony. Speak to your minister when you book your church.

Your videographer should have a licence to use music on your wedding DVD. Check that your videographer has this for copyright laws and also check that they can produce licences from the Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS).

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Before booking your videographer, there are some questions that you should ask.

  1. How long have you been filming weddings? – You want someone with experience that can capture your day in the way you want.
  2. Have you worked with our photographer before? – Your photographer and videographer need to work well together so they can both get the best shots of your big day.
  3. Have they shot at your venue before? – If they have they will know where they can set up etc. If not, do they visit the venue before your wedding day?
  4. What style of videography do you offer? – They may not shoot in the style you prefer.
  5. What packages do they offer? – You need to make sure they can offer you the exact package you want.
  6. Will it be you, personally, shooting the wedding? – You don’t want to book that person to find another person from the company on your wedding day.
  7. Do they use a second shooter or a second camera on a stand? – You need to know how many angles will be covered and what is included.



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