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8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s very easy to get carried away with all the fun stuff. But while you’re enjoying yourself, you also have to remember these questions to ask your wedding vendors.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

1. How much and when are my payments due?

You need to know that they are within your budget and what the payment schedule is. This way you know you can afford them and know when payments need to be made so there are no nasty shocks along the way.

2. Ask your venue who will be the point of contact on the day and if they are different to the person helping you organise the wedding, when will you get to meet them?

This person will be integral to the smooth running of your wedding. It is important that you trust them, so meeting them early on in the process is normally a good idea.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

3. Do you have all of the equipment you need?

If you have any special requests, go over each essential item to make sure it’s accounted for and decide who will be responsible for providing it if the vendor hasn’t already got it.

4. Can you source the specific flowers or ingredients I would like?

You need to confirm that the supplier can get certain items you’ve picked out for your wedding, or, that there’s an alternative option you’d still be happy with if they can’t.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

5. Ask your photographer and videographer how much time they need for photos considering your shot list?

You need to know the estimated amount of time your photographer and videographer will need to take all the shots and footage you want so that you can plan the running times for the day and inform your venue(s).

6. Ask your venue or caterer how much time will it take to serve the wedding breakfast?

You need to know approximately how much time it will take to serve the entire wedding breakfast. You need this so you can schedule the speeches and work out what time you want the evening reception to start. Remember, you need to leave time between the meal and evening reception for the venue to refresh the room.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

7. Ask your cake maker, florist and stationer to see samples of their work?

You want to know that the cake makers style and standards are what you expect, that the florist can deliver flowers as you imagine the will look and that your stationer offers the style of invitations you want to send out. The standard and style of all of these items can differ widely between suppliers, so you need to make sure they match up to what you are looking for.

8. Ask your church or registrar how long they expect the ceremony to be?

You need to know roughly how long they think the ceremony will last, taking into account the readings and songs you’ve picked. You’ll need this to plan the timings for the rest of the day.

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