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Questions to Ask Before Booking your Wedding Photographer

To me, choosing your wedding photographer is one of the biggest and hardest parts of  planning a wedding. Your wedding photo’s will be a lasting memory of your big day and something that is totally irreplaceable. They will be viewed by many people and something to show your kids and grand-kids.


It’s very important to carry out careful research into any photographer that you’re interested in hiring. I recommend you start to look for a photographer from the minute you start planning. A lot of good photographers can get booked up 2 or 3 years in advance and if it is a popular date it may be even further in advance.

Look at past weddings they have shot, do you like the style they used? If so, are they within your budget? If they are, set up an appointment to meet them so you can get the feel of their personality and whether you can work with them. Your MUST like your photographer and feel relaxed around them…..if not your wedding photographs aren’t going to be what you dream of.

Now you have a shortlist of potential photographers, I have put together a list of questions for you to ask to make sure they are definitely the right photographer for you!


  • What style do you tend to shoot in?
  • Do you use colour, black and white or both?
  • Do you edit the photos before we see them?

Wedding Photographer 2


  • What does your price/package include? Albums, prints, USB
  • If an album or prints are not included, how much are these?
  • How many hours do you cover? i.e. preparations to first dance
  • Is an engagement shoot included in the price?
  • What deposit do you take?
  • When is the final balance due?

Wedding Photographer and Videographer


  • How many images will I receive?
  • Can I request certain photos?
  • Will you photograph me getting ready?
  • What are the terms for image rights and how can the images be used?
  • How will you use our images?
  • How long after the wedding will we receive the photos?

Wedding Photographer


  • How many hours do you cover?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • Are you insured?
  • Do you have backup equipment in case your camera fails on the day?
  • How many photographers will there be on the day? Do you have an assistant?
  • Will you, personally, be there on the day?
  • Have you photographed our venue before? If not, will you visit the venue before the wedding?
  • Which videographers do you work well with?
  • What is your contingency for illness or any other unforeseen circumstances?
  • How many weddings do you shoot per year?
  • How many wedding have you shot in your career?
  • Can we see a complete set of photographs from a recent wedding? (These may be available on the photographers website prior to your meeting)

If you ask all the right questions you should find the perfect photographer for you and have amazing wedding photographs!

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