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Planning Your Perfect Wedding

So you have a date in mind for your wedding and you’ve already ruled out the family dog acting as a ring-bearer — fantastic! Planning your perfect wedding can be a very daunting task though, particularly if it is an event you have dreamed about your entire life. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or you’re bereft of ideas, following these key wedding planning tips will make your life considerably more enjoyable when feeling the pressures of organising your perfect day.

Perfect Wedding

Make your guests comfortable
A huge quandary when planning your wedding is how to keep the numbers down while still inviting everyone who really should be there. While the temptation is to try and cram as many people into your reception hall as possible, you must consider that your guests have to sit in the room for a number of hours, and that nobody will have a good time if they keep clashing chairs or bumping into waiting staff. Allow around 30 square feet per guest at your reception venue, as with the space already taken up by tables, decorations, and the dancefloor, this should be just enough for a successful wedding without any claustrophobia. This should give you a rough guide of how many guests you can afford to have at any given venue.

Be clever with borrowing
You’ve probably realised by now that weddings are expensive — if you haven’t, you’re in for a big surprise. The likelihood is that you will have to undertake some form of borrowing to finance the event. Be sure to do plenty of research before signing up to a credit card — some credit cards have very generous rewards programs such as air miles or shopping discounts, which you could use for jetting off on your honeymoon or purchasing post-wedding thank-you gifts. Price comparison websites such as Money Supermarket can help you identify the best credit card to suit your circumstances, depending on the position you’re in to make repayments or the type of rewards you would be interested in.

You can’t please everyone, but always please yourself
The likelihood is that you will have to make some unpopular decisions when planning your wedding, but always prioritise your own feelings ahead of others’. If you don’t see yourself as a traditionalist, why not host your wedding at a venue that reflects your interests. If you’re interested in sport, why not host your wedding at a sports venue such as Durham County Cricket Club — many modern sports venues have very impressive suites which are perfect for weddings. You may worry about not pleasing your guests, but remember that they will attend many more weddings in their lifetime, while you will only experience your own wedding once.

Perfect Wedding

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
Planning a wedding is a full-time job. Never be too proud to ask for help or bring in a professional planner. Ask your venue whether they have any in-house planners or could recommend anyone. Prestigious venues are used to hosting weddings and therefore have a dedicated planning team who are happy to be at your beck and call throughout the planning of the wedding and on the day.

Offer your guests something memorable
Weddings always have a talking point, so make sure that your talking point is something lavish or flamboyant. Why not try creating your own unique cocktail and having it served to guests at intervals throughout the night. Alternatively, give your guests something they can physically take away from your wedding, but don’t make it a cliché party favour — push the boat out, and make sure it’s personalised to indicate that it came from your wedding.

A wedding should be entertaining, so entertain!
While hiring a decent wedding band is usually a safe bet for entertainment, it might be an idea to provide guests with ways to entertain themselves and others on their table. A Jenga tower or Operation game may sound basic, but guests love nostalgic and accessible games that are quick and easy to play, particularly as the night goes on. Alternatively, hiring a magician or a caricature artist can give a more personal level of entertainment. Vendor listing websites such as Event Vendors have a great range of appropriate entertainers for your wedding.

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