March 12, 2016

How to Actually Pay for Your Wedding

Lots of people can advise you on how to save money on your wedding, like having a wedding budget to stick to and doing loads of amazing little DIY tricks yourself, but not many tell you how to actually pay for your wedding.Actually Pay for Your Wedding

With the average UK wedding costing in excess of £20,000, you can forgive people for thinking they’ll never be able to afford to get married. The truth of the matter is that about 1/4 of your budget will go on the venue and food so getting the venue at the correct price is vital. Before you start planning you also need to know who is chipping in and how much they will be contributing.

If you’ve not saved any money towards your wedding yet, you have a big job ahead but saving up and paying deposits isn’t impossible. Follow these tips on how to actually pay for your wedding by making a few sacrifices.Continue reading

8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s very easy to get carried away with all the fun stuff. But while you’re enjoying yourself, you also have to remember these questions to ask your wedding vendors.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

1. How much and when are my payments due?

You need to know that they are within your budget and what the payment schedule is. This way you know you can afford them and know when payments need to be made so there are no nasty shocks along the way.Continue reading

February 29, 2016

Six Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiant

by Daniela VillaRamos of Once Upon A Vow

Most couples have a trillion and one questions for the venue, the caterer, the photographer, but when it comes to booking the wedding officiant, most couples ask next to nothing. Don’t be that couple. Make sure to ask your wedding officiant these six questions to see if they’re a perfect match for you and your wedding ceremony vision.

Elopement Ceremony - Vlad and Mariya

1. What’s your favorite part of every wedding ceremony?
Get personal with your wedding officiant and find out what lights them up. Is it the look on the face of your other half as you walk down the aisle, the heartwarming “I Do’s”, or the cheers of your friends and family as you two exchange your first married kiss? Knowing which part(s) of the wedding ceremony is their fave gives you an idea of how your wedding officiant thinks, feels, and will personalize your ceremony.Continue reading

February 27, 2016

Joe & Sarah’s Relaxed Nottinghamshire Wedding

Sarah and Joe were married at The Carriage Hall in Nottinghamshire on Sunday 26th July 2015.
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Joe and Sarah met through a mutual friend about 6 years ago. They spent two years as good friends in part of a wider circle and got know each other really well. At the time Joe lived in a house shared with a couple of other friends. Sarah needed to move from where she was living and so decided to take up the spare room in the house. It wasn’t until she moved in that her and Joe’s relationship changed and gradually they found they had grown closer than ever.

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