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July 1, 2015

My Top 6 Non Traditional Wedding Cakes

Everyone loves a good wedding cake…..I however hate fruit cake! And I don’t think I’m alone. Wedding cakes were always traditionally made with fruit cake, now more are made of different flavoured sponge than fruit. This got me to thinking how the traditional 3 tiered round cake is also a thing of the past with many couples opting for something completely out of the ordinary.

Here are 6 of my most favourite non traditional wedding cakes with a bit of information from the creatives behind them.

Birds, a Frog and a Ladybird Cake by The Designer Cake Company

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Frog, ladybird and bird wedding cake by the Designer Cake Company - Laura & Chris Otterburn Castle (David West Photography)

The design for this cake started as you would expect with the lace wrap detail and some scattered hydrangea petals but then rapidly turned into a very unusual but very personal design that meant something to the couple. They had always liked the bird cake toppers which Isabelle made for a previous wedding so they decided to incorporate some into their design. The couple love animals (in fact their pet dog wore a suit and attended the wedding!) and the bride in particular likes frogs and insects so they then added a little fondant frog and ladybird to the cake. In terms of flavours, they went for a mix of Caramel Apple, Chocolate Fudge and Cookies & Cream. The wedding took place at Otterburn Castle in September 2014.


Unique Book Cake by The Whole Sch-bang Event Decor

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Wedding cake made from old books by The Whole Sch-bang Event Decor

As part of our product development and to keep ahead of the styles we look to create new props from ideas we see or research; we were inspired by a photo We came across on sn Internet site in regards to vintage book paper folding and set about making this book cake as part of a range of decor from books. As I am the skilled in paper folding expert in the team it was tasked to me to give it a go!The cake took me a week to make working on it a couple of hours each night, taking my time as not to make any mistakes and making sure my folding was all correct. Decorating it with hessian and lace, I was given free creativity with the cake so chose to use two different kind of origami roses and origami kusudama flowers with small pearls in the centre.As part of the team we work hard at being able to offer brides new and alternative ideas as more and more brides want uniqueness to their weddings and events. The reaction received leads us to believe that the paper folded range is a big hit with vintage vibe and unique weddings in which I will certainly be developing the range further.


Beach Hut Cake by Sara’s Kitchen

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Beach hut wedding cake with deck chairs, waves and bunting by Sara's Kitchen Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Deck chair and beach hut wedding cake by Sara's Kitchen

The cake was for a lovely couple for their wedding at Newton Hall which is on the coast of Northumberland. They have a little boy and wanted something fun that reflected their love of being on the beach without being too ‘perfect’, hence the more ‘cartoony’ feel of the beachhut!!

It was just two square tiers, one of White Chocolate and Raspberry, the other a Lemon sponge. They loved the white chocolate and raspberry cake so much that they still go back and order at every opportunity!


Hanging Wedding Cake by Oliver James Sugarcraft Creations 

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - 4 Tier Hanging Wedding Cake by Oliver James Sugarcraft Creations 

We had been thinking of creating an upside down themed cake for sometime and after searching for inspiration decided upon turning it into a hanging upside down cake! Nothing like a challenge!!! The pictured cake will provide approximately 165 portions of cake in any 4 flavours of the couples choice and can be made larger or smaller to suit the couples needs. Internally the cake is held together by a specially designed food grade stainless steel construction. The cake stand was designed by ourselves and fabricated to our specification by a local fabrication company; it was weight tested to ensure it could comfortably hold the cake as a fully iced 5 tier cake can easily weigh over 25kg!!!  I guess my previous career as a fabricator and coachbuilder helps and inspires me when it comes down to creating a cake with a difference.


Black and Gold Cake by The Cake Place 

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Black and Gold Lace Wedding Cake by The Cake Place

The strawberry and cream flavoured sponge inside was deep pink and was covered in black fondant and gold cake lace. This was topped with black fondant swags and hand made black roses and tweed leaves.


Cakepop Tower by Dream Pop Bakery

Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Purple Butterfly Wedding Cake Pops by Dream Pop Bakery Non Traditional Wedding Cakes - Purple Butterfly Wedding Cake Pop Tower by Dream Pop Bakery

I have done a huge variety of cake pops for weddings recently. They are an extremely popular fun alternative to a wedding cake or an alternative favour option. The picture above shows a display stand which holds 150 cake pops. It is a very dramatic centrepiece for a wedding. Cake pops can be made in any colour and design required.

Are you having an unusual wedding cake? Comment below with details or a photo of your design!

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robert Brook - February 22, 2016 Reply

Wedding cheese cakes made of real cheese are becoming really popular this year. Ideal for those who love their cheese or don’t like cake in general. Really good for Celiacs too

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