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November 1, 2017

Keeping to Your Wedding Budget

If I had a penny for every bride who has asked me about keeping to your wedding budget, I’d be able to help pay for all your weddings! It seems to be the biggest problem brides are facing and the one causing the most sleepless nights.

Tired Bride Keeping to your wedding budget

I asked brides on my mailing list what was their main problem/frustration/worry when planning their wedding. Budgeting and money was the biggest response I got!  I’m not saying keeping to budget is easy, you always seem to be drawn to things that are above what you can afford, but it is doable. So, I thought I’d give you some hints and tips. Follow my advice and you should have no problem keeping to your wedding budget!

First, make sure that your budget is realistic. Don’t pluck a figure out of thin air, make sure you research how much things really cost. It’s not going to help if you budget £100 for flowers that will cost £500. Obviously, the price of anything for a wedding can vary massively. If you have a smaller budget, you need to be realistic about what you can afford. Looking at a £3000 wedding dress when you have a £10,000 budget isn’t realistic.

Ensure you’ve thought of all the little details and included them in your budget so there are no nasty surprises. Little things like postage of invites, dress fittings and gifts can add up!

Keeping to your wedding budget

Have a budget spreadsheet – you can download my spreadsheet for free by signing up to my newsletter in the form below. My spreadsheet also has examples of how much things cost on different budgets.


Make sure you include a contingency in your budget – there is always something you’ve not thought about and if you have no contingency, you might end up having to go without something that is important to you.

Keep your guest list as planned. Guests are the most expensive part of your wedding. If someone can’t attend, don’t invite someone else in their place unless your venue stipulates minimum guest numbers. The money you save can be spent on something else nearer the big day or on your honeymoon.

Wedding Venue Decor , Keeping to your wedding budget

Book/buy your most important things first. You need a church or registrar and a venue so make sure you book them before anything else. Then work out what is the most important to you…..your wedding dress, entertainment, decorations? Then, if you’re doing well with your budget, you can buy smaller, less important items nearer to the big day.

Keep your spreadsheet updated. If you get a quote, update the budget column with the actual amount quoted. And when you book or pay for something, update the actual spend column so you know exactly how much everything has cost. This way you can make sure you aren’t overspending.

Calculator - keeping to your wedding budget

If you spend more on an item than planned, make sure you take the overspend off another item that you have yet to book/buy. For example, your wedding ring costs £2o0 more than planned and you decided it’s important, you could decided not to get favours. Or to spend £200 less on flowers and have different centrepieces.

If you save money on an item, add the money saved to your contingency – do not buy extra items or overspend on something else unless its very close to your wedding day and you have everything paid for.

Bride and Groom - Keeping to your wedding budget

I hope this has helped and if you have any other tips and tricks, I’d love you to leave a comment below!

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