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Joe & Sarah’s Relaxed Nottinghamshire Wedding

Sarah and Joe were married at The Carriage Hall in Nottinghamshire on Sunday 26th July 2015.
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Joe and Sarah met through a mutual friend about 6 years ago. They spent two years as good friends in part of a wider circle and got know each other really well. At the time Joe lived in a house shared with a couple of other friends. Sarah needed to move from where she was living and so decided to take up the spare room in the house. It wasn’t until she moved in that her and Joe’s relationship changed and gradually they found they had grown closer than ever.

Joe and Sarah bought their first house together in 2014, “a big commitment!” And at that point Sarah said “I think we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, although Joe and I never had to talk about long-term plans, we always just seemed to have mutual feelings and getting married just felt like the right thing for us to do next.” They booked the venue and set the date without telling any family or friends! “We were a little impulsive but again it just felt right.” Then a few weeks later, when they had chosen a ring, they broke the news to a very happy family and the planning got underway.
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Sarah said that planning the big day was really easy and stress free for the two of them. They knew exactly what they wanted; a relaxed informal day, fabulous food and an amazing band to provide music for the party.
Sarah said “The Carriage Hall and the team of staff there including Mel and Debs were fantastic nothing was too much trouble and we were free to create the day we desired; they even let us have an ice cream van!” The couple had almost a year to organise and get everything in place, they thought that it seemed like enough time to be able to book the people they wanted in advance but without having to wait forever to finally get hitched.
Sarah is a hairdresser so she was lucky enough to be able to take over her salon for the morning of the wedding. She and her friends got their hair done by her fabulous colleagues and everyone looked and felt amazing. Cristina Lazzarotto did Sarah’s make up. She went to Sarah’s hotel and spent the a couple of hours making her look the best she ever has! Sarah said “She was a real star and such a calming influence!”
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Sarah’s wedding dress wasn’t the traditional kind! It is by Australian designers Camilla and Marc and was bought from, a high-end designer website. Sarah didn’t want an expensive lace wedding gown, she wanted a designer white dress. “It was beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. I took a risk to order it online without having tried it, but the moment I opened the box I knew it was perfect. The weight of the fabric, light but structured and the way it fit was totally perfect. I felt very lucky.”
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Sarah went London to find her perfect wedding shoes. She was prepared to spend some money on her shoes as, unlike the dress, she knew she would be able to wear them again. She ended up buying a pair from LK Bennet, they were a beautiful cream with a gold fleck and she got a matching bag. “A bride has to treat herself, right?!”
Joe’s suit was handmade by Stuart at Roy Smith Taylors in Nottingham. A bespoke suit was the ultimate treat for him and it was made to perfection, exactly what he was after. Shoes were classic black brogues from Jones Bootmakers and a white shirt and black tie from John Lewis finished his look.
“He did look very handsome indeed!”
Nottinghamshire Wedding
“Our wedding band as mentioned before were TI Funk. Booking these guys was the first thing we did after securing the venue it was so important we had them play at our wedding! We used to see them play every week at The Riverbank in the years before we were together, so they held some sentiment for us and even before we got engaged we would say they have to play our wedding one day. They really did an amazing job and all the guests since have commented that they were a highlight of the day.”
The wedding flowers were done by a local West Bridgford florist, Andrea at Flower Scene. She was able to put together a beautiful display within the couples budget and managed to understand Sarah’s descriptions and pictures to create a perfect look for the couple. Everything was kept very simple, no real colour scheme or decorations. They relied on the beauty of the venue combined with Andrea’s white roses and hydrangea which created a crisp and modern look, just the right amount of decor and minimal fuss.
Sarah and Joe didn’t have a specific theme for their wedding, they just decided that they wanted a relaxed day with informal food. The Carriage Hall did this spectacularly with tapas served throughout the day. This meant the couple could avoid the awkward seating plan situation and have minimal tables in the venue; they preferred their guests to be able to sit where they liked and mingle with one another whilst eating. They also had a cheese tower by the Cheese Shop in Nottingham that went down very well with their guests and helped soak up the wine from throughout the day. This was served with pork pie, sausage rolls and delicious bread and chutney from The Carriage Hall.
Nottinghamshire Wedding
To satisfy all the sweet tooth’s, they booked an ice cream van from Manfredi’s Ices, who supplied delicious flavours of homemade ice cream in Italian waffle cones. Later in the evening there was a stand of macarons from L’Amendier bakery in West Bridgford. Sarah said “I was really pleased with all the suppliers we chose, exceptional service and great delivery, they all come highly recommended from us!”
“All in all our day was just so special and better than I had ever imagined! Everything came together perfectly and without a hitch, well except the downpour of rain that was constant all day. But even that did not dampen spirits, in fact it didn’t matter a jot, we didn’t even notice it in the end. And the weather is the one thing you can’t control!” “I think for me the best part was the ceremony itself. I tried to soak up every moment and it really was very special to have everyone I loved under one roof for a whole day. But without doubt the wedding band (TI Funk) did an amazing job certainly a highlight for us both and I spent most of the evening on the dance floor!”
Nottinghamshire Wedding
Sarah’s advice to others would be “to make sure you are both on the same page in terms of what you want; if you have to make compromises with each other just make sure you are both happy. This made it so much easier for any decisions we made as we both knew we were in agreement with one another. And get ahead as much as possible! I left a couple of jobs until the last-minute to sort and I really regretted it as I felt a bit stressed out in the few days in the run up. “
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Photographer: Robert Sail Photography

Venue: The Carriage Hall, Nottinghamshire

Cheese Tower: The Cheese Shop, Nottingham

Macarons: L’Amandier

Flowers: Flower Scene

Brides Dress By: Camilla and Marc

Brides Dress From:

Brides Shoes: LK Bennet

Grooms Suit: Roy Smith Tailors

Grooms Shoes: Jones Bootmaker

Makeup : Cristina Lazzarotto

Band: TI Funk

Ice Cream Van: Manfredis

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