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December 19, 2015

How to Make a Great Wedding Speech

A lot of people worry about making a great wedding speech. Traditionally the Father of the Bride, Best Man and the Groom give speeches on the big day. Some get very nervous wondering if people laugh in the right places? Will everyone enjoy it? Will their speech be remembered for the right reasons? 

Great Wedding Speech

Try to relax, stay calm and remember why you’re giving the speech. Here are a few basic hints and tips to help you on your way……

  • Remember that the guests understand that the speeches are a big deal, they want you to do well. 
  • Try and use a funny memory as your opening line to get a laugh – this will help relax you into the rest of the speech and grabs the attention of the guests.
  • Try and keep your speech short, if you go on for too long you are likely to lose people.
  • Remember the correct wedding speech etiquette and don’t forget to thank the right people for all their help.Great Wedding Speech
  • If you are the Groom, remember to say how beautiful your wife looks.  She has been building up to the wedding from the day you proposed (if not longer)and will be looking extra special for you on your big day.
  • There is nothing worse than writers block. Start preparing your speech 2-3 months before the wedding to avoid this. It will give you a chance to ask family and friends of any stories you might want to include.  It will also get your creative juices flowing and help bring back memories that you might want to mention (as well as one or two you might not!)
  • If you don’t feel confident memorising your speech, you could use prompt cards, but make sure you look around the room and engage with people rather than just looking down at the cards.
  • If you’re nervous and don’t feel confident enough to make eye contact, look at the gap between peoples eyebrows. Your guests will think you’re making eye contact and you won’t feel so nervous. Great Wedding Speech
  • Lots of venues have microphones and PA systems in place, however if they don’t, imagine the room is twice the size.  This will help you to project your voice throughout the whole room.
  • If you are not normally a public speaker, practice your speech a few times. If nerves kick in, a speech that is familiar will be easier to deliver.
  • To look confident, open up your shoulders, puff out your chest and smile.  This will help you deliver the speech with style. Even if you’re not confident before the speech, if you look confident you will feel confident when you deliver it. Great Wedding Speech
  • Consider all of the people in your audience as you don’t want to offend Grandma Mable! Keep your speech light and funny and don’t be rude, crude or sarcastic. No jokes about a honeymoon in Wales!! 

Do you have any funny stories about wedding speeches? I’d love to hear them so leave me a comment!

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