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December 16, 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Veil

Veils are an iconic bridal accessory. You may choose not to wear one, but if you do, you need to choose the perfect veil to compliment your dress. There are lots of things to consider. First you need to choose the right length; these are the different options available.

Birdcage – Short and sweet; a veil that covers all or part of your face which has been hugely popular in recent years. This is the perfect choice for vintage brides.

Perfect Veil

Shoulder – This short, quirky veil hits between your shoulders and the middle of your back; a choice that really shows off dress details.

Elbow – A versatile veil that works for all styles of wedding. This looks great with a full-skirted gown, as it ends where the skirt begins.

Fingertip – This is the most popular length of veil. It is an extremely versatile veil which extends just past your hands. It works well with most dress styles.

Chapel – This veil will make a statement. A chapel veil flows to the floor and is best suited to formal weddings. It compliments dresses with long trains and adds an extra wow factor.

Cathedral – The ultimate veil. Traditionally 120 inches long, this style sweeps along the floor for approximately 1 metre. It is perfect for grand occasions like getting married in an Abbey or Cathedral.

Perfect Veil

Once you have decided upon the length of your veil there are a few other options to think about.

Blusher – The shorter part of the veil that is traditionally worn over the face when a bride walks down the aisle and is lifted by the person giving the bride away.

One tier or two – A two-tier veil is usually a blusher and a longer veil combined and is more voluminous than a single tier. A single tier will be a single layer in the length you have chosen.

Juliet Cap – A high fashion choice. A veil mounted on a cap which has been worn by the likes of Lily Allen and Kate Moss.

Mantilla – An amazingly romantic lace-edged style which is traditionally worn flat and on top of the head.

Perfect Veil

You will also need to make sure the colour you choose matches with the colour of your dress and that nay hair accessories you want to wear will fit well with your veil.

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