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January 23, 2016

Hen and Stag Checklist

Have you got the job of sorting out the hen or stag do? Do you know where to start? Here is a handy hen and stag checklist to work your way through to make sure you don’t forget anything or just to give you a helping hand if you’re not a natural organiser.

Hen and Stag Checklist

  1. Draw up a list of people to invite – Ask the bride or groom who they want to be there to make sure no one is missed out and they aren’t disappointed.
  2. Select a destination that everyone can afforded and get to – Once you have a list of people who are interested in going, ask them what kind of budget they can afford and how far they are willing to travel. If you don’t want to leave it open-ended, you could give them a choice of 3 budgets and locations and see which people prefer.
  3. Don’t go too over the top – You might like the idea of a week in Vegas, but not everyone will be able to afford that amount of time or money. If the hen or stag want something big and expensive, organise a second small local do that people can go to if they can’t afford the main one.Hen and Stag Checklist
  4. Make sure everyone knows the cost – How much it is per person, when money is due and if people are helping to cover the bride’s/groom’s costs are all things people need to know before committing. Tell them what the cancellation policy is and that they will be liable.
  5. Decide what kind of entertainment you think would be best for the people involved – If there are older people going, are they up for a strip club and staying out until 3am? Make sure you have activities that everyone can join in with throughout the day so people can go home/back to the hotel when they want without feeling left out.
  6. Set the itinerary and make provisional bookings – Once you know who and where, you can contact hotels, venues, travel agents or specialist hen and stag companies to make a provisional booking. Find out how much deposit you need and when it needs to be paid for.
  7. Create and send out invites – You might want to have a formal invite for people with all of the information, like where, when, cost, payment dates so that everyone knows what they are committed to. Make sure you include all of your contact details so guests can get in touch with you easily. You can do this by post, email or text….it’s down to how much you want to spend.Hen and Stag Checklist
  8. Make a booking for everything you can – This is obvious for accommodation and travel, but if you are planning to go to a bar or club, see if you can get on the guest list. Make sure you confirm everything in writing and confirm it with them the week before you go.
  9. Make sure everyone knows the plans – Where are you meeting? What time? Do you have a mobile number for everyone? You can go as far as to email everyone an itinerary so they know where you are going to be when throughout the weekend/week/night and then if they get lost they can meet up with you easily.
  10. How will everyone be getting home? – Book a taxi or minibus in advance if needed? Will some people being going home early? If you’re staying in a hotel, find out how to gain access if you’re back late? Ask them to recommend a taxi company and get a business card so you can call  them if you haven’t pre booked. It’s always best to be safe.

What have you got planned for your hen or stag do? Or are you in charge of organising one? I’d love to hear your plans or funny stories of hen and stag dos that you’ve been on!

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