Why are there Gay Wedding Fairs?
July 26, 2017

Why Are There Gay Wedding Fairs? Shouldn’t A Wedding Fair Be For Everyone?

In the past I’ve received emails asking if I would like to exhibit at gay wedding fairs. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked to exhibit at a gay wedding fair. Or other wedding fairs for that matter; but it did get me thinking about why people feel the need to organise a gay wedding fair.

Ferret Wedding - gay wedding fairs

To me a wedding is a wedding. Whether you are straight, gay or two ferrets (yes, two ferrets did get married and I can prove it…this is the link) you’re getting married. So in 2017, what’s missing at a bog standard wedding fair that makes someone think there is a market for gay wedding fairs? Everyone needs a venue, if you need dresses, suits or one of each you can find those at a fair. I’m sure someone who makes a wedding cake for a hetrosexual wedding can also make one for a gay wedding. And a photographer can shoot any couple……or am I missing something here?

I’ve looked at what gay wedding fairs offer and I really am at a loss as to why these fairs exist. Haven’t we been campaigning for equality in marriage for years and years? If you want a marriage to be a marriage whether hestrosexual, lesbian or gay, then why would you want a wedding fair that labels you? Are you not a bride or groom no matter who you are marrying? Should all wedding fairs not cater for anyone getting married?

Same-sex marriage - gay wedding fairs

So, wedding fair organisers and exhibitors, some of you are obviously missing something! Instead of people organising gay wedding fairs, why don’t you use your energy wisely and organise a wedding fair that really is for everyone. Ensure that all suppliers exhibiting are geared for all couples and that there is plenty of diversity? And suppliers who are exhibiting, please make sure your display is appealing for as many people as possible…..and never presume anything about who’s getting married! 

same-sex-marriage-2 - gay wedding fairs

As far as I’m concerned, a wedding fair should be a wedding fair. Stands should be set up to appeal to everyone and there should be no labels. When marriage became legal for all couples, it should have been the end of any segregation.

I’d love to know what you think about gay wedding fairs. Do you approve of them? Have you had any experience of them? Leave me a comment or drop me an email to gina@bewilderedbride.com if you don’t want to publically comment.


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