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March 30, 2016

The House of Ollichon – First Dress-less Bridal Collection

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to the House of Ollichon and the first dress-less bridal collection!

Le-Fay - Dress-less Bridal Collection

Elegance has evolved and there are many things which have inspired Hannah Ollichon in the creation of House of Ollichon’s first dress-less bridal collection which offers brides and bridesmaids a range of luxury jumpsuits, playsuits and combos which are all designed and handmade in England.

Hannah Ollichon, the founder of House of Ollichon lives in Islington with her husband and has only recently left her city job to make her bridal jumpsuit dream come true! She created House of Ollichon about ten months ago now, designing all of the pieces and sourcing all of the beautiful fabrics.

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December 16, 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Veil

Veils are an iconic bridal accessory. You may choose not to wear one, but if you do, you need to choose the perfect veil to compliment your dress. There are lots of things to consider. First you need to choose the right length; these are the different options available.

Birdcage – Short and sweet; a veil that covers all or part of your face which has been hugely popular in recent years. This is the perfect choice for vintage brides.

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9 Things Wedding Dress Boutiques Wish You Knew

Before you start searching for your perfect wedding dress, there are some things you need to know……or at least some things wedding dress boutiques wish you knew before you start the search.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

1 – Always make an appointment

Most wedding dress boutiques are by appointment only. If you want to try dresses on, make an appointment then you won’t be disappointed if the store is busy and you aren’t able to try anything on. Also, if the boutique can only take one appointment at the time, you may be interrupting another brides appointment if you turn up unannounced; and I’m sure you would hate it if that happened to you. When you have an appointment, make sure you turn up on time; not too early that you disrupt the appointment before you.Continue reading

October 5, 2015

Wedding Shoes – 6 of My Favorites

As well as drooling over wedding dresses, I have also started to dream of wedding shoes. The great thing about wedding shoes is that I don’t have to worry about my weight before trying them on! These are a few of the wedding shoes I’ve been looking at, one pair is a bit of a pipe dream!

Wedding Shoes = Luisa by Rainbow

Rainbow Club Luisa floral satin court shoes are very elegant with the floral overland and the glittery finish. I love the height of the heel and think they would look stunning with any dress. They are £95.00.Continue reading

October 3, 2015

How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

Choose your wedding dress

When you choose your wedding dress it can be a bit overwhelming, trust me I’m already wondering how I’m going to choose just the 1 dress! But the more you know about the styles of dresses that are available before you start your hunt, the easier it will be to choose your wedding dress and the better the experience will be. This should be a fun and enjoyable time and something you’ll get to do once so you need to savor every moment of it.

Different silhouettes, waistlines, necklines and colours flatter different people. Here’s my guide to the different options available so you’ll know what the bridal boutique are talking about!Continue reading