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Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

By Rosanna Whitton of Flautino

So you’re getting married? Congratulations! I bet you’ve already been dreaming about your dress and maybe the venue and who you’ll ask to be bridesmaids. But what about the feel of the wedding?

Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

This is a little more ambiguous but equally important, for you and your guests. The atmosphere of the wedding will be created by lots of things: the people who are there, the décor, the style and the music. It might help to do yourself a mood board with clippings from magazines to inspire you and narrow down the style you’re after. Think about things like the lighting, maybe creating scents with flowers and candles and little random things like a treasure hunt for after your wedding breakfast or a few outdoor games.

When it come to the music, break down each part of the day and think about the type of atmosphere you’d like to create at that point. Generally, the ceremony tends to be quite solemn and calm. People tend to have music to play them down the aisle, then for the signing of the register and then to play them out and often have a singer or play recorded music. There are lots of good music agencies out there who have various different options on their books.

Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

There is often then a musician or two for the drinks reception and this tends to be something like a classical guitarist or something similar. Again, this part of the day tends to be a bit more restrained than the evening, but it doesn’t have to be that way … you could go for a folk band or maybe a jazz group.

When it comes to the evening do you can really go to town … don’t try to find something that will suit everyone as we all have such different tastes … go with what you love! You could maybe have a few date nights with your partner trying out new bands … experiment a bit and have fun. Wedding planning can be stressful but this bit is a good excuse for a few nights out! Make sure you hear your band live before you book them … people can look great in photos but stage presence is really important to make the night work. So get your heels on and go out and have some fun!

Creating an Atmosphere at Your Wedding With Music

Flautino provides gorgeous, serene music for your wedding ceremony or drinks reception. We play beautiful baroque music and dress in quirky period costume.

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