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February 29, 2016

Six Questions To Ask Your Wedding Officiant

by Daniela VillaRamos of Once Upon A Vow

Most couples have a trillion and one questions for the venue, the caterer, the photographer, but when it comes to booking the wedding officiant, most couples ask next to nothing. Don’t be that couple. Make sure to ask your wedding officiant these six questions to see if they’re a perfect match for you and your wedding ceremony vision.

Elopement Ceremony - Vlad and Mariya

1. What’s your favorite part of every wedding ceremony?
Get personal with your wedding officiant and find out what lights them up. Is it the look on the face of your other half as you walk down the aisle, the heartwarming “I Do’s”, or the cheers of your friends and family as you two exchange your first married kiss? Knowing which part(s) of the wedding ceremony is their fave gives you an idea of how your wedding officiant thinks, feels, and will personalize your ceremony.Continue reading

January 6, 2016

Not Sure What Type of Wedding Ceremony to Have?

Congratulations! Getting engaged is always such an exciting time. If you are starting to plan your wedding, one of the big questions will be where to get married. What type of wedding ceremony to have? Do you want a religious or a civil ceremony? The main options for ceremonies in the UK are:-

What type of wedding ceremony to have

Church of England – You will need to make an appointment to speak to the vicar at the church you would like to be married in. All have different rules about who can marry in their church, some like you to live or come from the area. You may also have to attend a certain number of Sunday services before your wedding. For your wedding to go ahead in a church, the vicar will read banns out 3 Sundays in a row around 3 months before your wedding, or in Scotland you have to give 15 days notice at a registry office. Another thing to consider with a Church of England wedding is videography, some vicars allow it and others don’t, make sure you ask at your appointment. The average cost of a church ceremony is £450.Continue reading