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July 19, 2017

Does a Higher Price Equal A Quality Wedding?

Pound Signs - Quality weddingWhen choosing a wedding product or supplier, do you think that the more you pay the better quality wedding item or service you get? Do you think if you are on a budget you have to compromise on quality to afford everything you want?

I really don’t think that way. There are a lot of different things you should consider when deciding on a supplier.

Certain products and services are judged on your own individual taste. For example, a cake design you love may be another person’s idea of  a cake from hell. A wedding photographer you admire may not shoot in the style another couple likes. If you book a photographer that charges £3000  just because you think they must be good to charge that price, that is not value for money. But if you book one for £1500 because you love what they do, who is to say they’re not as good a photographer? As long as the supplier you are booking is fully insured and has testimonials from past customers you can make your decision based on their work. I judge quality wedding suppliers on their product or service and reputation, not on the price they charge. Continue reading

July 12, 2017

6 Ways to Actually Pay for Your Wedding

So how do you actually pay for your wedding? Lots of people can give advice on how to save money on your wedding. For example, having a wedding budget to stick to and doing loads of amazing little DIY tricks yourself. But few will tell you how to actually save the money to pay for your wedding.
Actually Pay for Your Wedding

With the average UK wedding costing more than £15,000, you can forgive people for thinking they’ll never be able to afford to get married. The truth is, you will spend quarter of your budget on the venue and food, so getting the venue at the correct price is vital. Before you start planning you also need to know who is chipping in and how much they will be contributing.
If you’ve not saved any money towards your wedding yet, you have a big job ahead but saving up and paying deposits isn’t impossible. Follow these tips on how to actually pay for your wedding by making a few sacrifices.

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June 21, 2017

9 Tips to Save Money on your Wedding Budget

Do you have a tight wedding budget? Most couples do when planning their wedding and everyone has different priorities. I, personally, would never compromise on quality photography, videography or wedding rings because these are the things that last forever. Other couples would not compromise on the venue, the dream dress, the decor or THOSE shoes!!!

These are a few ways I believe you can save on your wedding budget without any compromises on quality or style.

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7 Ideas to Help you Save Money for Your Wedding

7 Ideas to Help you Save Money for Your Wedding

Now we have started to pay for our wedding we are feeling the pinch. It’s so much easier when you’re a wedding planner, it’s not your money that you’re spending. I know we have to make sacrifices to pay for our big day, so I sat down and started to think about where we could save money in our everyday spending so that we could put that money towards paying for the wedding. Here are 7 ideas I had of how you can save money for your wedding.

1 – Put together a budget – and stick to it!

As I’ve said before, the first thing you should do as a couple is sit down and work out how much you can afford to pay for your wedding. I have 2 spreadsheets; one with our monthly income and outgoings so we know how much spare cash we have per month and one with our wedding budget. The wedding budget has an estimated and actual column, if we overspend in one area, we have to save in another and balance out the columns. I’m a bit of a spreadsheet geek (I use them for everything) but I promise this really helps you keep on top of your spending, to see that total figure at the bottom keep increasing can be rather scary!Continue reading

Would You Buy Second Hand to Save Money on Your Wedding?

The pressure is on to have the perfect big white wedding, but with the average UK wedding costing in excess of £23,000 most people can’t afford to have everything they want. As a bride to be myself I’m having this very struggle… Pinterest wedding would probably cost £50,000!!!!

Princess wedding with horse and carriage

So, in order to stay within budget, what do we not have at our wedding? Everything on the list is really important to us. An option to save on the budget is to go second hand. have conducted some market research and found that 63% of couples would hire or buy second hand items for their wedding day but less brides would hire a wedding dress than grooms would hire their suits.

Would you opt for a pre-loved wedding dress? You can save up to 75% on the retail price if you buy a second hand dress, plus you can still have it fitted to you. If you buy a dress that is too long you can also have the hem taken up to get rid of any marks that may be left from the previous owner. I have to admit that this is something I have looked into as all the dresses I like are £1500+ and I have seen the same pre-loved dresses from £250. Or would you consider hiring your dress?

Sophia Tolli Y21372

The research by has also shown that couples place more importance on their venue than their transportation. I can second this as we have gone over budget on our venue because we wanted somewhere amazing for the photographs and for our friends and family to enjoy….plus we are not having any transport! There is no way I am sitting down in my beautiful dress until the photos have been taken…can you remember the back of Princess Diana’s dress when she got out of her carriage?!?!?

I know that we will not compromise on the venue, photographer, videographer and rings…..these things are important to us and will give us the lasting memories which are worth spending a good bulk of our budget on. We will consider hiring and buying other items second hand and may also be doing a little DIY to save money in other areas. I think it is important to sit down and work out what the most important elements of your wedding are to you and your partner and that is where to spend your budget. You can then look into saving money on other things whether that be buying second hand, hiring items or doing a little DIY!

Where is your budget being blown? Have you considered buying second hand or hiring? What are you planning on DIYing? I’d love to know all your little tips on how you are saving money on your wedding.