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Spectacular Wedding Firework Displays and Advice From Fantastic Fireworks

Today I have the pleasure in featuring Fantastic Fireworks on the blog. If you are looking for fireworks for your wedding, check out the amazing heart shaped fireworks. Fantastic Fireworks also offer choreographed displays to your favourite song. I also love their idea of a ‘Bang in a Box’ for those on a budget!


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I asked Laura Whitley from Fantastic Fireworks what advice she would give to anyone looking to have fireworks at their wedding. “The first thing I would love to say when you’re planning a firework display is a quote from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ‘DON’T PANIC!’. There are a few things you need to think about but once you’ve covered these then the process is relatively simple.”


Is there enough space?

So this is a bit of an obvious one, but did you know that safety distances for some professional fireworks can be over 50m? That means you may need 50m between your guests and the fireworks, and space behind for a fallout area. This is not as scary as it sounds, it’s just the area that the fireworks are fired into and where the debris falls into. Now 50m sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, if you have less space at your venue we can tailor the show to avoid using fireworks that need larger distances. You can still have a great show with smaller distances, we just need to be clever about how it’s designed. If you’re not sure of the space the best thing to do is put us in contact with the venue and we’ll liaise for you. Venues tend to have certain areas that they set aside as regular firing areas and if not we can work with them to find the best site.  Of course if you have lots of space we have free reign over what we can offer you. We love large empty fields which gives us a lot of scope to be creative!

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Will it be too noisy for my venues restrictions?

There’s no denying that part of the charm of a traditional firework display is the loud bangs, pops and crackles that are produced. However, it’s completely understandable that your venue’s neighbours may get a bit wound up about this if it’s happening every night and keeping them awake. We’ve developed a great ‘quiet range’. Now these are just normal fireworks with the bangs, pops and crackles minimised or removed. After all, many of these effects are added in so it’s easy to remove them! This range is ideal for the noise conscious venue or if you simply do not want to cause a racket! We love firing to music, so setting our ‘quiet range’ to your favourite song may result in your guests not even noticing the lack of noisy explosions!

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Do I have the budget?

Fireworks can sometimes be viewed as an extra to a wedding for those with a decent budget. However, fireworks are for everyone and we can offer packages to suit any budget. If you’d like us to design your show, liaise with your venue and turn up on the day and fire it for you, our packages start at £1000, they tend to go up in price with the length of the display and the amount of firing positions you’d like. If you phone us up we’d be happy to discuss this further. We specialise in setting displays to music so if you would like to set the fireworks to your favourite song we can design this for you.

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We know that not everyone has money spare, but would still like a display, so we’ve introduced our new ‘bang in a box’. This is a two and a half minute fireworks display with lots of different effects neatly contained in one box approximately the size of a small freezer. The best thing about the ‘bang in a box’ is that it has a single point of ignition. Your best man or maid of honour only has to light one fuse, which is much safer than firing many small fireworks. If you would like more information about single ignition fireworks then our retail department will be happy to help out.

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Aren’t fireworks really messy?

Not particularly, but dependent on the type of firework. We are working towards making as much of our firework packaging eco friendly, and as such the main components of our firework packaging are paper, card and cotton wool. What tends to be ejected from the fireworks are cardboard tubes and cotton wool bungs, plus a little plastic from our waterproofing. We always litter pick and all our teams come well equipped with rakes and brooms and love nothing more than having a good clean up at the end of the night! Of course if your venue is really worried about mess it might be worth putting them in touch with us.

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 I hope that’s answered some questions and given you some food for thought. The big thing to remember is that if you would like to book a display with us we can take care of everything. All you need to do is tell us the date, venue and how much you’d like to spend. Plus any creative ideas you may have for the display. Want to fire to ‘your song’, we can do that. Want it to be a surprise for your spouse? We can do that too! We also include 100 sparklers with every wedding package so your guests can get in on the action too. Check our website out for more ideas and prices.


Email: info@fantasticfireworks.co.uk

Website: www.fantasticweddingfireworks.co.uk

Phone: 01582 485555

Address: Rocket Park, Pepper Stock, Luton, LU41LL.

Twitter: @fantasticfirewx

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fantasticfireworksUK

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