Gina - Bewildered Bride creator Hi, I’m Gina the creator of Bewildered Bride. I live near Newcastle with my Husband Graham (we got married in April 2017) and are hoping to hear the patter of little tiny feet very soon…..four feet to be precise…..a little toy Yorkie called Boris.

I’m obsessed with anything wedding related, but I especially love engagement rings and wedding dresses and secretly would love to do a Muriel’s Wedding and try on lots of dresses! I must also admit to being a little addicted to Twitter and Facebook and have been known to be sent to Twitter Jail for over tweeting!

In a past life I was a wedding planner for several hotels and also ran a wedding and event gallery…..it is safe to say I eat (OK…along with a big chunk of DairyMilk….other chocolates are available), sleep and breathe weddings .

I started Bewildered Bride because I have a passion for weddings and I love to help people. I wanted couples who were struggling and feeling stressed while planning their weddings to receive free advice and tips from someone with over a decade of experience in the wedding industry as well as being a bride myself. I didn’t want to be just another wedding blog….so you won’t find happily ever after here. You’ll find true, honest information and advice that you can put into practice.

If you need help and advice or have a question you would like answered, please contact me gina@bewilderedbride.com 

You could also pop over to our Facebook page and give it a like to keep upto date on everything that’s happening at BBHQ as well as asking us for help, advice or just for a good moan!