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December 14, 2015

9 Things Wedding Dress Boutiques Wish You Knew

Before you start searching for your perfect wedding dress, there are some things you need to know……or at least some things wedding dress boutiques wish you knew before you start the search.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

1 – Always make an appointment

Most wedding dress boutiques are by appointment only. If you want to try dresses on, make an appointment then you won’t be disappointed if the store is busy and you aren’t able to try anything on. Also, if the boutique can only take one appointment at the time, you may be interrupting another brides appointment if you turn up unannounced; and I’m sure you would hate it if that happened to you. When you have an appointment, make sure you turn up on time; not too early that you disrupt the appointment before you.


2 – Don’t hold back your true feelings about a dress

Don’t worry about offending the boutique owner or consultant, if you don’t like something let them know – after all they will not personally like every dress in the shop! You just need to be honest about what you like and don’t like so the boutique can help you to find your dream dress. If you are non committal they will keep bringing you the wrong dresses and you’ll end up leaving deflated.


3 – Don’t try on a dress outside your budget

Before you go dress shopping, you should know what your top budget is. Make sure you tell the dress boutique what your budget is before you start looking at dresses. If a dress catches your eye and it is out of your price range, do not try it on…..step away from the dress. You can guarantee if you ‘just try it on’ you will fall in love with it and be totally disappointed that you can’t afford it and everything else you try on will not be as lovely as the one you can’t have. No matter what your budget you will always be able to find something slightly more expensive you love more! The other option is trying it on and if you love it you must be willing to cut something else out of the wedding to cover the extra cost, but make sure you are willing to do that before you step into that dress!


4 – Don’t try on too many dresses

You do need to try on a few different style dresses to find out what you like and what suits you but you can also try on too many dresses. If you start to feel confused and overwhelmed you’ve probably tried on too many. If you do get to this point, take a break from dress shopping. Take a few days to think about what yo have tried on, which dress keeps coming back into your head? Do you have a favourite or a top 2? Once your clear on what you like and don’t like, make another appointment but only try on your top 2 dresses and don’t look at any more; this way you will only have to make a decision about the two you are trying on. If you still don’t feel like you have found the one, you can then start the search again but you will have a better idea of what you like and don’t like.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

5 – Don’t wait for tears to confirm you’ve found the gown

Too many brides expect that they will have ‘that moment’ when you know you’ve found the one and you start to cry. But to be honest more people don’t cry than do! Everyone is different and you might just feel relief that you’ve found your dress, others only know that’s the one because they compare every other dress they have tried on to it. As long as you feel happy, confident and beautiful in your dress, you’ve found your gown…..tears may come or they may not…but like your finance…you’ll know it’s the one!


6- Don’t take too many people shopping with you

Everyone has different tastes and opinions; the more people you take shopping with the the less likely you are to find a dress everyone will agree on. This will just confuse matters and it might stop you finding out exactly what you like and don’t like. Take one to three people to your first appointment so you can get an idea of what your opinions are before letting others have their say.


7  – Don’t wear too much makeup

No one wants to try on a beautiful white or ivory dress which has makeup smeared all over it. Dresses can be cleaned, but it’s better not to get them covered in makeup or fake tan in the first place. Try and keep your makeup light and avoid wearing lipstick, but if you do wear a lot of makeup try and step into the dresses.

Wedding Dress Boutiques

8 – Don’t buy a dress smaller than your size at the time of ordering

A dress can be taken in, but it can’t be let out. I know you want to look amazing on your wedding day, but the best way to do that is by making sure your dress fits you properly; a small dress does nothing for your figure. Always order your dress for the size you are at the time of ordering, and factor in the costs of alterations into your budget.


9 – Give yourself plenty of time to find your dress

Dresses can take upto six months from ordering to be received by the boutique, you also need to leave time for alterations. It is best to order your dress nine to twelve months before your wedding to allow for any delays. So I advise people to start looking at dresses upto fourteen months in advance; if you start looking too early you tastes may change so it’s best not to start too far in advance. If your wedding is less than six months away, you may have to buy a sample dress or from the sale rail to make sure you have it in time.


I’d love to hear any tip and hints you have for wedding dress shopping? Have you been with a friend or family member? Or have you already been looking for your dress? Let me know in the comment below, by email or Facebook.


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