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8 Tips to Help Choose your Perfect Wedding Venue

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue for your nuptials, there are quite a few things to consider. These are the things I consider when helping a couple find their perfect wedding venue.

Location, Location, Location.

Do you want to get married ‘at home’ (where you or your partner grew up), where you live now, a UK destination that means something to you or abroad? You need to think about all the pros and cons of each option and decide which one is best for you.Perfect wedding venue - historical building


How easy is it for you and your guests to travel to the venue. If you are having a church or registry office ceremony? How far is it to travel to the reception venue? How will your guests travel? Would you need to provide transport for them? Is there parking and accommodation close by? These are all questions you need to be asking before deciding on a venue.


Do you want a church or a civil ceremony? Do you want a country house, a castle or something more modern and contemporary? Think about the style of the day. Your venue will set the tone for the wedding dress, centerpieces and everything else.St. Mary in Castro (St. Mary in the Castle) Dover - Perfect wedding venue


Make sure you research all venues in your chosen area properly. Keep an open mind as somewhere you may not have considered could turn out to be the one.  Make a short list of all the venues that are in the running and make appointments to visit them. Have a look to see if any of the venues have an open evening planned so you can visit them when they are dressed for a wedding.

Check out photographs of other people’s weddings at your shortlisted venues.

Have a look at local photographers sites; most will have wedding venues that you are looking at and you can get the feel for how your photographs will look as well as what the venue is like when set up for a wedding. You may end up finding your photographer as well as your perfect wedding venue!Castle - Perfect wedding venue

Write a list of questions to ask each venue when you visit them.

You need to include costs, what’s included if they offer packages, will any other wedding be taking place on the same date? Also accommodation costs, additional fees, what do they allow/not allow. These are a bare minimum to consider.

Dine at the venue.

If you’re using a venues catering; book to dine in their restaurant. Order the same sort of food that you would like to serve at your wedding. Make sure you go at a busy time to find out what their service and standard of food is like when under pressure.Beach Wedding - Perfect wedding venue

Listen to your heart and head.

If your heart is saying yes but the purse strings are saying no, remember you need to stick to your budget. If your venue is over your budget, will you happily compromise on your dress or your cake or maybe both and more? You need to assess what your priorities are.

If you want more in depth advice about what to do if you fall in love with a venue that is over budget, I have a FB live video all about the subject. Click HERE to watch it.

Perfect wedding venue - chateau


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