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June 28, 2017

7 Things No One Told You About Planning a Wedding

Are you ready for the ugly truth??? Planning a wedding is not going to be all sunshine and roses….there are going to be times when you want to give up and elope! Of course you’ll still love it and miss it like crazy when it all comes to an end.

To help you make it through the perils of planning a wedding, I thought I would give you the heads up on some things that no one will have thought to warn you will happen!

You’re going to argue….a lot!

He wants R2-D2 and C-3PO as cake toppers, you want lovely sparkly monograms. You’re not going to agree on everything, so there will be some petty little squabbles over the smallest of things. This is normal, don’t worry and try and come to a compromise that you’re both happy with. You want both of your personalities to show in the wedding, be prepared for a bit of give and take.

Couple pretending to strangle each other while planning a wedding

Your wedding is not going to be the same as your childhood fantasy. 

The wedding you dreamed of as a kid isn’t going to come true. Half that stuff doesn’t exist and if it does it will nearly bankrupt you! Remember that this wedding is for both of you and as much as you might want a Disney Princess wedding, he might want to throw up at the idea! Plan a wedding that reflects both of you (as adults) and it will be perfect.

Cinderella horse and carriage, planning a wedding

Be Prepared.

If you were a Girl Guide and were taught to always be prepared, if you think you’re an organised individual, think again. You will be planning your wedding like a military operation! You’ll have files, spreadsheets, lists and who knows what else to help you plan…….and if you don’t…..God help you! Remember you can download my free Wedding Planning Timeline and Budget Planner to help you on your way.

Table plans for planning a wedding

You’re not superhuman. 

Everyone needs a little help. No matter how organised you are you will not be able to do everything yourself. You need to delegate. Give your groom, parents and bridesmaids little jobs to do so you have more time to spend on the big things. I know it’s hard, but try not to micromanage them…..I’m sure they will do a brilliant job of anything you ask them to do.

Wonder Woman doll, planning a wedding makes you feel like wonder woman

You will have a Bridezilla moment.

Even the most laid back brides will find themselves having a bridezilla moment. It might be to do with the guest list, when out dress shopping or when you’re just sat watching TV! But whenever it happens, remember you’re entitled to get a bit stressed out at times, just don’t take it out on the people who are trying to help you.

Planning a wedding can make you turn into a Bridezilla, dinosaur with a veil

There’s going to be lots of tears.

Make sure you have a good waterproof mascara and a big box of tissues permanently at the ready. You’re going to be putting blood, sweat and tears into planning this wedding so you’re going to need them. There is so much emotion involved in planning a wedding, so even if you’re not the crying type, a few tears are bound to escape now and again. If you are the crying type, expect the flood!

Planning a wedding makes you laugh and cry

You’ll want to become a wedding planner.

Once your big day is over and done, you will miss the planning so much that you’ll want to do it everyday for a living. All I can say is that planning other peoples weddings is totally different from planning your own. You don’t get to make the decisions, you might not like their choices and it’s nothing like the film at all!

The Wedding Planner Movie, planning a wedding is nothing like this

But with all that said, planning your wedding is one of the most special times of your life. Enjoy as much of it as you can, embrace the tantrums and the tears, remember why you are getting married and try not to kill anyone!


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