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7 Ideas to Help you Save Money for Your Wedding

7 Ideas to Help you Save Money for Your Wedding

Now we have started to pay for our wedding we are feeling the pinch. It’s so much easier when you’re a wedding planner, it’s not your money that you’re spending. I know we have to make sacrifices to pay for our big day, so I sat down and started to think about where we could save money in our everyday spending so that we could put that money towards paying for the wedding. Here are 7 ideas I had of how you can save money for your wedding.

1 – Put together a budget – and stick to it!

As I’ve said before, the first thing you should do as a couple is sit down and work out how much you can afford to pay for your wedding. I have 2 spreadsheets; one with our monthly income and outgoings so we know how much spare cash we have per month and one with our wedding budget. The wedding budget has an estimated and actual column, if we overspend in one area, we have to save in another and balance out the columns. I’m a bit of a spreadsheet geek (I use them for everything) but I promise this really helps you keep on top of your spending, to see that total figure at the bottom keep increasing can be rather scary!

2 – Sell anything you have no use for.

Go to a car boot sale, get listing on eBay, Gumtree or on Facebook selling pages. I’m sure there are shoes, clothes, handbags, gadgets and other things that you’ve not used in ages. You’ll be amazed how you can make a quick buck….we once made £300 at a car boot sale, not bad for a morning’s work!

3 – Take a packed lunch.

Buying your lunch everyday can be quite expensive. I was spending £2.50 per day on a meal deal; that’s £12.50 per week or £50 per month. I’ve started to buy provisions in the weekly shop to make a packed lunch instead and I estimate this is costing me about £5 per week so I’m saving £30 a month which over the 19 months to our wedding is a whopping £570!

Save Money for Your Wedding - wedding budget

4 – Give up alcohol!

OK, so I’m not suggesting you do it for the whole time you’re saving for your wedding  – that would be just plain cruel! But if you could get through a few alcohol free weeks throughout your planning time you could save yourself quite a bit. The national average a couple spends on alcohol is £30 a week, so if you can both abstain for 10 weeks in a year that’s £300 saved – hello wedding cake!

5 – Cancel any unused memberships.

Do you have a gym membership that you don’t use? Or have you subscribed to a magazine that you don’t really read anymore? Look into whether you are able to cancel these memberships. We have a contract at our gym so we can’t cancel but we can suspend our membership for upto 6 months and we don’t have to pay during this time saving us nearly £300 and still letting us shape up for the big day.

6 – Buy a flask.

Are you someone who needs their coffee fix on a morning? Do you love going to your favourite coffee house and buying one of those lovely expensive sounding hot beverages that sets you back about £3.00 every morning? Buy yourself a flask and some nice americano, late, cappuccino or whatever it is you like to drink, sachets which will costs you about 20p per cup. You will be saving yourself over £700 in a year!

7 – Go out on a weeknight.

We love going to the cinema, but this can cost us £30 for a night out. Certain cinemas have offers on for weeknights where tickets are half price or buy one get one free. We now also buy our drinks and snacks from the supermarket before we go, this is saving us a small fortune. We went to see Minions last week (no it is not a kids film!!!) and it only cost is £10 for the tickets and snacks….bargain! If you prefer a meal or drinks out, doing this on a work night will also save you some money; not only will you want to drink less because you have work the next day (or you should!!!) but you’ll also go home earlier than you would on a weekend.

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