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November 6, 2014

5 Things the Groom Cares About

When a couple are planning a wedding I hear a lot of brides say that their partners don’t care about the wedding. Or when they are asked for their opinion they say “whatever you want”. Well, these are a few things that I believe most grooms do care about when planning a wedding.

  1. What he’s wearing. He doesn’t want to look stupid in front of his friends…..he wants to be comfortable and as much as you want him to look like Mr Darcy, he just wants to look good!Groomsmen
  2. The colour scheme. If he’s a Man City fan you can’t have red at your wedding without him getting a lot of grief from his friends.Red Theme
  3. The Party. He wants everyone to have a good time. Listen to his music and drink suggestions.Evening Reception
  4. Your Look. He’ll already be nervous on the day, so make sure you still look like the girl he knows and loves…..don’t decided to go for a style overhaul on your big day.Close Up Bride
  5. The Stag Party. Probably the thing he cares most about…..and also worries about. Will he come back with both his eyebrows???Stag Do

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