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15 Dos and Don’ts for the Night Before the Wedding

Don’t attempt any radical new beauty treatments. This is not the time to try something new……if you have a reaction to it you’re going to freak out.

Don’t squeeze that spot! I know you want rid of it for your big day, but squeezing it is just going to make it more red and swollen. Make sure you have some overnight spot cream with you to use if you do end up with mount Vesuvius on your face the day before.

Night Before the WeddingDon’t hit the alcohol too hard. You’ll not get the best of sleep if you have too much to drink and it will do nothing for your skin. All those facials will be for nothing. Instead have a couple of drinks then switch to water to make sure it’s flushed out your system.

Don’t obsess over the weather. Your wedding is the next day, no matter what the weather. There is no point worrying about it now because you can’t change it. Stop checking the weather app and remember that no matter what it’s going to be the best day of your life and nothing’s going to spoil it!

Don’t watch any wedding films……not even Father of the Bride! I know it’s always fine in the end but all your going to do is start worrying that these things are going to wrong at your wedding….which of course, they won’t!

Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring! Let go of all those teeny little details that you think are so important and focus on the main things, as long as you both exchange your vows the whole day is a success!

Don’t try on your dress. You might spill something on it, get makeup on it or damage it in some way. You can wait another 24 hours to wear it.

Night Before the WeddingDo give yourself a manicure if you’re not getting your nails done by a professional. And try and persuade your other half to have one too; their left hand is going to be on show just as much as yours!

Do wear in your wedding shoes around the house. You need to break them in and be as comfortable as possible for tomorrow.

Do switch off your phone. You don’t want to know about all of the stuff going on with everyone else, relax and enjoy your last night as a singleton.

Do practice your new signature……it’s going to be yours from tomorrow.

Night Before the WeddingDo spend the evening with your husband/wife-to-be. Go for a meal or a walk, relax with a drink (try herbal tea instead of alcohol!), try and use this time to relax after the months of wedding planning madness.

Do turn the TV off and talk to each other. This is a brilliant opportunity to spend some quality time together so don’t let the TV or any gadgets distract you from each other.

Do take a moment just to yourself. Tomorrow is exciting and scary all rolled into one. You’re allowed to have 30 minutes to yourself; have a bath, read a book or just sit quietly and enjoy the moment.

Do pack for your honeymoon, but only if you’re planing on jetting off right after the wedding!

Do you have any advice on things to do and not do the night before your wedding? I’d love to hear them.




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