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10 Reasons A Destination Wedding Could Be The Answer To Your Wedding Planning Woes

By Emily of Weddings by Emily Charlotte

1) Something Special

A destination wedding tends to be a little different to a wedding in your home town, that’s not to say that a home town wedding isn’t equally as lovely, but it can be very special to have a wedding day that is truly unique from other weddings that you’ve been to as a guest!

Destination Wedding 2

2) Any Excuse To Travel

If (like me!) you have a love of travel, then a destination wedding is THE perfect excuse to get another stamp in that passport. Whether it’s a new place entirely or somewhere that’s special to the two of you, a wedding abroad creates unforgettable memories for you as a couple and also for your guests.

3) A Great Guest Experience

Destination weddings are something for your guests to really look forward to; many will make it their holiday for the year. A gorgeous setting abroad, food and drink provided and some cultural touches makes for the perfect guest experience.

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4) Rid Yourself Of Guest List Politics

One of the wedding planning tasks my couples dread the most is finalising the guest list. Who do you want to invite vs. who you should invite can create no end of dramas! Fortunately, a destination wedding eliminates a lot of this stress as only your very nearest and dearest friends and family will commit to travelling abroad for your wedding; similarly, it’s a great excuse (if needed!) for keeping the guest list smaller in the first place.

5) The Weather

This one speaks for itself! The Great British weather is not the most reliable, if you opt for a destination wedding then you significantly increase your chances of sunshine on your wedding day, not to mention the beautiful outdoor reception opportunities!

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6) More Than Just One Day

Planning a wedding is a long and lengthy process; it can seem like the wedding day is taking forever to come around and then just like that, it’s gone in the blink of an eye! A destination wedding allows you to be a little bit greedy and make your wedding an experience over several days, rather than just one. If your budget allows then a welcome dinner prior to the wedding is a great way to kick off your celebrations, followed by a brunch the day after to nurse any wedding day hangovers!

7) The Cultural Quirks

Something which makes your wedding stand out from the crowd is the cultural quirks that you can include in the experience of a destination wedding; a wine tasting amongst the vineyards for example. These are the things that your guests will truly love!

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8) The Savings

I’m a little hesitant to add this to my top 10 list, as not every element of a destination wedding will be more cost-effective than a wedding at home; in fact it’s a common misconception. However, there are some savings to be made and you may find your money goes further than at home. Just make sure you do your research prior to committing so that you’re not left disappointed.

9) Wedding Planner Assistance

Okay so I’m a little bias, but a major benefit of a destination wedding is the assistance of a planner. If you attempt a destination without one then you’re braver than me! It’s much more common place to hire a planner when getting married abroad; you’re going to be unfamiliar with the area and may be unsure of which suppliers to trust, so make the most of the help you can get from a good planner.

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10) An Early Honeymoon

A destination wedding means an early start to your honeymoon; relax with one another in your chosen destination in the days leading up to the wedding, before getting straight into your honeymoon post wedding celebrations; my couples tend to follow their wedding with a road trip around the Italian countryside or Amalfi Coast…sounds pretty dreamy to me!

Emily Charlotte, owner of Weddings By Emily Charlotte, is a Brighton based wedding planner offering a bespoke and personal service to create your dream destination wedding in Italy or in England.
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